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Anti-AR-V7 Monoclonal Antibody

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Antibody Reagent Perfection

Precision Antibody has developed this online store to sell antibody reagents that Precision Antibody has developed in collaboration with clients. These antibodies were generated because the current antibody reagent on the market was considered of poor quality or were non-existent. If you have a need for an antibody reagent that you feel has commercial value for others in your field, please consider contacting Precision Antibody or call 410-884-4100 to discuss a partnership where Precision Antibody makes the antibody in collaboration with you.

"Precision Antibody continues to push the boundaries of monoclonal antibody development."

— Leigh Anderson, chief scientific officer of SISCAPA Assay Technologies


Anti-GST Monoclonal Antibody

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Precision Antibody™

Precision Antibody™—a wholly owned service division of A&G Pharmaceutical, Inc.—is recognized as a preeminent custom antibody development company for pharma, bio, federal, and academic research labs.